Ballscrews & Lead Screws

  • Aerospace-grade Ground Ball Screws
  • Dynamically Balanced Ball Nuts
  • Expansive Miniature-sized Ball Screws
  • Industry's Widest Size Range, including Lead Screws
  • Global Sourcing (US, Asia) for Defense & Industrial Apps

Providing a wide range of ball screws (from 3mm diameter to 125mm diameter) and ball nuts for all application areas. Miniature ball screws from 3 mm to 16 mm are used for precise positioning, mainly in the areas of semiconductor technology, optics, medical devices and metrology. Precision large ball screws from 16 to 125 mm have a large range of applications including commercial aerospace, defense and industrial markets. We strive for an optimal price-performance ratio (value), backed by quality and delivered to your schedule.