Motion Control Application Examples:

  • Flight and Environmental Controls
  • Door and Cargo Handling Systems
  • Cabin Controls and Powered Seats
  • Engines and Aircraft Actuators
  • Cockpit Instruments and Controls
  • Landing Gear and Lighting Systems
  • Powered Surgical Tools
  • Cardiac Assistance and Insulin Pumps
  • Exoskeletons & Haptics Products
  • Prosthetic and Biomechanical Products
  • Robotics and Robotic Surgery
  • Personal and Law Enforcement Weapons
  • Guidance and Targeting Systems
  • Roll, Pitch and Yaw Actuators
  • UAVs and Drones
  • Space and Inter-planetary Vehicles
  • Remote Ground Based Vehicles
  • Vacuum and Pressure Sensitive Systems
  • Oil, Solar, and Nuclear Energy Products
  • HVAC, Exhaust and Steam Controls

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Applications for custom, precision mechanical & electro-mechanical motion control product solutions