Elite Rep Network

Custom Precision Solutions prides itself on not only partnering with the most leading-edge motion control manufacturer’s, we also strive to partner with other professional representatives based in strategic locations across the US.

Not all “reps” are the same. Most actually provide the upfront window dressing when developing a new relationship with a manufacturer. They say all the right things to entice and promote a partnership, and in the beginning they may also “do” a few of the right things as well. Ultimately, and unfortunately, many times things change which erodes what everyone initially thought was to be an ideal win-win scenario.

Being in this industry since the early 90’s, I have been on both sides of the rep-principal partnership. A successful team understands and executes all the key building blocks of success. Anything short of hitting all the key components of these building blocks, will only cause grief down the road. Having this unique background and decades of experiences, allows CPS to effectively partner only with similar minded firms from coast-to-coast.

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