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When you decide to engage on a technical level with the Elite Partners of Custom Precision Solutions, be prepared to have your design, design-for-manufacturing, quality, service and value expectations seriously exceeded.  Our engineers will work hand in hand with your technical team to ensure the absolute best product performance to your specification, & provided within your desired envelope.

“Custom” Motion Control solutions are not always the best answer to the many applications we evaluate.  If a COTS (commercial off the shelf) solution works, we’ll recommend that path for you.  But if COTS products do not meet the required performance threshold, allow us the opportunity to demonstrate how a custom solution can meet your needs and value expectations.

Usually all we need to start the solution process is:

  • Sketch showing the desired motion(s)
  • Envelope extremes and any interfacing details (is applicable)
  • Applied loads
  • Desired accuracies
  • Design life
  • Quantity(ies) and Timeline

Some Performance & Tolerance Basics to think about:

  • Rotary: 5 Arc-Min Backlash
  • Linear: .0005”/ft Accuracy
  • Thrust Max: 900,000 lbs-static
  • Temperature: -50° to 250° C
  • Shock/Vibe: Mil-S-901D, Mil-STD-167
  • Vacuum: 1×10-9 Helium
  • Test: Mil-STD-810

Design Forms available.  Please call or email for further information.