Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Products

Custom Precision Solutions, through its elite network of leading edge manufacturing business partners, is offering commercially available products for your expedited project needs.  Many times when a product technology is identified as a potential solution to an application, a “close enough” solution may suffice for testing/prototyping even though ideally a custom solution may be the better choice.  
COTS products available from Custom Precision Solutions business partners (see below) are:
  • already tooled up
  • pre-designed & engineered
  • field proven to perform within the product specifications
 What this means is that you can receive a proven “close enough” product(s) in your hands much quicker than the usual custom-engineered product(s) timeline.  When you click on the below product you will be sent to that individual page where you can fill out some basic technical information.  When you hit “submit” an email will be generated to the team.  Within about 1-2 business days you will receive a quote along with the respective product information in which that price & leadtime represent.  
At that point we can communicate in your preferred method (email, phone call, or personal visit) and discuss your interest level in moving forward with the order.  If you decide to move forward, the order is placed and we begin the process of getting the product(s) to you.  We can continue to communicate, if you like, on working on your exact custom solution in parallel with the COTS order processing.  Thus, you are covered for your testing/prototyping and at the same time we’re working on your custom solution.  No time is wasted and two objectives are being satisfied at the same time.

Here are your COTS offerings: